Mr Nivio’s Guide to Stuff Malai Like

April 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

Our Timorese friend Mr Nivio (and others) has compiled a short list of things that malai like with accompanying commentary. Attempts have been made to keep the responses true to the form of their delivery

Pets – dog is ok, but cat? What the fuck, they kiss it and hold. Why? And give it fish. I want to eat fish. Why do they give it to the cat?

Swimming – Timor people use sarong but malai use bikini. Fuck! Timor people think this is like…”What are they doing with no clothes?!” Crazy.

Not Sharing – With cigarettes Malai just put in their pockets and don’t put on the table to share. Many Timorese people are embarrassed about asking for cigarettes if they are in people’s pockets. Malai don’t want to share.

Saying Please – Malai always say this! If we know each other why always say please? Are we not friends?

Sitting inappropriately –  Some malaai use a skirt and sit with their legs open. You should close that. Respect!

Going Dutch – malai invite people to lunch and then don’t pay for them. This is strange. You invited them.

Reading and Using Computers – Malai are always doing this much more than Timorese. Don’t they like talking?

Wine – Malai are always drinking wine. If you offer alcohol they are always drinking this. Women and Men.

Not Eating Rice – Just water and bread sometimes? What about your rice?!


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